Are we alone in the universe?

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This age-old question has been debated back and forth since the dawn of time,  and we still have yet to definitively answer the question. Yet every time we hear a story or see a video about mysterious lights in the sky or a strange object flying through the air, the “are we alone” question inevitably gets brought back. 

To some people, the idea of aliens existing is completely absurd. But others who believe it’s a possibility are usually either terrified or intrigued by the thought.


UFO Sightings Have Increased Across The US

The idea that extraterrestrials exist has been gaining steam over the past few years. Just last April, the Pentagon told the US senate that they were investigating over 600 incidents of unidentified flying objects (although they also said they found no evidence of alien activity).

Although there’s no official word from the government about whether or not aliens are real, skeptics still wonder if there really might be life out there in space.

One eerie and mysterious sighting of something strange in the sky was caught on video, and creepily enough - was taken here in Upstate New York.


Was A UFO Spotted In Upstate New York?

A recent TikTok that’s making the rounds has Upstate New York residents perplexed about some strange lights  in the sky. 

According to the video,  on October 2nd just before 7pm, three glowing orange orbs were spotted in the skies above Utica, New York. The man featured in the video claims there were originally only two bright lights just a minute ago, but a third appeared out of nowhere. 

Throughout the approximately 4-minute video, the lights look like they are moving back and forth to different spots in the sky giving anyone watching seriously spooky vibes.

Of course we don’t know if those shiny lights over Utica are actually visitors from another planet (and probably never will), but a possible UFO sighting nearby this close to Halloween still gives us the creeps.

Do you think these lights are UFOs? You’ll have to watch the video below and decide for yourself.

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