Football is huge in Western New York.  From the pros down to little league it's almost impossible to take it all in.  But this play, you have to see.

We watch a lot of football in Western New York

How much football did you watch this past weekend?  I'm a huge football fan.  It doesn't really even matter who the teams are.  I just love watching it all.  This weekend I saw a high school game on Friday, a little league game on Saturday morning, a college game on Saturday night, and then Sunday watched the Bills as they took on Jacksonville in London.  It still wasn't enough.  If I could watch it all, I would.

If you're not watching high school football, you're missing out

If you love football and you're not hitting up a high school football game as often as you possibly can, you're missing out.  There are some pretty incredible athletes in these games and you can really see them start to stand out.

There really is something about "Friday Night Lights" as they call it.  Many of these kids live for these moments.  To make a play in front of a crowd like that and to hear your name called over a loudspeaker is a memory that some will never forget.

Pioneer Vs. Williamsville South

Friday night, Pioneer took the drive from Arcade to Williamsville to take on the Williamsville South Billies.  It's a game that Pioneer would end up winning 49-14 but one of the plays that stood out was this catch from Pioneer's Karter Giboo.  Pioneer was alreay up 14-0 in the 1st quarter.  It was 1st and 10 from the Billies' 30-yard line.  Gavin Schwab took the ball from under center and launched it to Giboo.  It was a bit over his head, but Giboo reached up and made a catch that you have to see.

Thanks to WNY Athletics for their incredible coverage.

This upcoming Friday the 13th it looks as though Pioneer will be hosting Amherst and Williamsville will travel to West Seneca East.

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