When people say that there is nothing to do around Buffalo I can't help but think that it is not Buffalo that is boring--it's them. Western New York has so much to offer and in fact, we are home to some of the larges, unique and fun parties that are held all over the country. So, mark these on your calendars for next year!

Can you say that you have been to all of these at least once before?

  • 1

    Buffalo On Tap


    This festival every year has gotten so big that they have to do it twice at the Buffalo Convention Center so, that more people can go. It's a sure hit and by the time January hits and Buffalo folks are having cabin fever: could be dangerous.

  • 2

    St. Patrick's Day


    Buffalo is ranked the #1 spot in the entire United States to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The parade itself in Buffalo is the second largest in the nation.

  • 3

    Bloody Mary Festival


    The new event in WNY has Buffalo written all over it. In fact, it's hard to get a ticket because it keeps selling out. Put this on your radar and get your tickets early!

  • 4

    Dyngus Day


    Buffalo is the Dyngus Day capitol of the world. No joke. Nobody celebrates the day after Easter like people in Buffalo do. In fact, if you went to other parts of America and asked them about it they may have no clue what you're talking about.

  • 5

    Pierogi Festival


    Surely will be a hit in Buffalo. The first ever festival will be on Sunday, May 21st at the Buffalo Outer Harbor.

  • 6

    Allentown Art Festival


    One of the largest art festivals in the country, it draws tons of people from all over and is typically on Delaware and Allen in downtown Buffalo.

  • 7


    Early May

    One of the most unique Buffalo events and definitely one of my favorites. Musicians will schedule their porch for the event where spectators can walk neighborhoods and hear musicians playing all over playing on their porches.

  • 8


    3rd Sunday in July

    The German party in the woods. If you've never been--you're mind will be blown. It is a massive party that celebrates the German tradition and it happens in the middle of the woods during a nice afternoon.

  • 9

    Italian Heritage Festival


    A Buffalo staple. Cruise through the Outer Harbor and try some of the best Italian Dishes and music there is to offer. Certainly, one of the most popular festivals of the Summer in Buffalo.

  • 10

    GardenWalk Buffalo


    The Garden walk is quite a unique gathering and event that happens in Buffalo at the end of every June. Very similar to Porchfest, spectators will get a list of locations where homes in certain neighborhoods have some of the coolest gardens to show off.

  • 11

    Taste of Country


    It is the biggest country-radio show in the United States and the biggest concert in downtown with over 25,000 people at Coca Cola Field.

  • 12

    Music is Art


    2017 was the first year the festival moved to Riverworks and it celebrates the musicians of Western New York. Put on by Goo Goo Dolls' Robby Takac, Music is Art is dedicated to exploring and reshaping music's cultural, social, and educational impact on our community - supported by a variety of programs and events.

  • 13


    Beginning of August

    Buffalo celebrates chalk and we do it well. The massive amounts of talent that can be seen with the hundreds of people on Main Street is impressive. Look out for this one next year to stroll through while having some food and listening to the music.

  • 14

    National Chicken Wing Fest

    The name says it all. It's the largest chicken wing festival in America and rightfully so: Buffalo is the birthplace of the Chicken Wing.

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