The snow is piling up in many places in New York State. But some are wondering; are the snowmobile trails going to open in New York? Yes. In some places they will.

The forecast is calling for heavy lake effect snow to pound portions just east of both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. These are the ideal locations for snowmobile trails and they are going to start to get busy.

If you are not a member of a snowmobile club, join one today. Not only does it help with saving money on your registration, the clubs maintain the trails and, most importantly, the relationships with the land owners.

Visit the New York State Snowmobile Association to find a club near you and to see trail conditions across the state.

In Western New York, at least one club is getting ready to open! The Hamburg Club said today (January 16th) is opening day!

We will be officially open @ 8am today! Lots of effort has been put in the last few days! Thanks to all of the volunteers who went out to clear trees and check trails, and those who contacted the club to offer help, thank you so much!

If you are not registered or insured to ride, get that done before you get on the trails.

You must have a valid registration to ride your snowmobile in New York State. It is against the law to:

ride a snowmobile without a helmet
operate a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or drugs

As far as the areas near Tug Hill, the conditions are getting better and more snow is on the way!

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