While in a store the other day, an uncomfortable situation came up when a store employee asked for someone's name and info as they were buying a flag.

There was a post shared on social media the other day about an uncomfortable moment at a store where a man was trying to buy an American flag to replace the one he has for Flag Day.  He went to a local store to buy it and when he got to the register the cashier began to ask him for some personal information like his name and his address.  The man got upset and went to social media to tell the world about it.

Why would someone ask for personal information to buy a flag?

Obviously, others chimed in in the comments that they would be upset also.  One person came up with a possible solution.  She suggested that because United States flags are tax-exempt in New York State, they may have been trying to gather information in the event of a tax audit from the state.  Having a name attached to the sale shows why that sale in particular was tax-exempt.

Unfortunately, the post has since been deleted.

Are United States flags actually exempt from taxes?

This is true.  United States flags and New York State flags are exempt from being taxed in New York State.  It also includes military service flags approved by the United States Secretary of Defense, such as blue star and gold star banners, and prisoner of war flags.

It's ok to ask where your information is going

If something like this comes up for you, no need to freak out over it.  It never hurts to just ask at the store.  They should not refuse the sale to you if you choose not to share the information with them.  But be kind to the people at the register.  Chances are, it's not them making the decision to ask for things like that.

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