One of the most looked over pieces of a Valentine’s Day gift is the card. Whether loving, funny, sweet, or sappy - the right card can make or break your Valentine’s Day for your special someone. 

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Of course, a perfect card filled with sweet nothings, moving poetry, and other expressions of love can be even more romantic than an expensive gift this Valentine’s Day. But that being said, some of us aren’t as gifted in the love language department. Writing down a flowering declaration of how much we care can be downright awkward. Honestly, we’re much better at scribbling down a post-it note than composing a soliloquy to show our affection. 

Even if you have no clue what to get your boo this Valentine’s Day, and the most romantic thing you’ve ever written them is a text that says “Luv Ya,” you can still nail it when it comes to the perfect Valentine’s Day card - thanks to your mutual love for the Buffalo Bills.

Sure, we won’t be watching them on Sunday (unless it’s a Josh Allen Gillette commercial). But for better or worse, we still love ‘em - just like our “one and only.”

Even though we won’t be spending Valentine’s Day this year celebrating a Superbowl win, we can still show our love with these Buffalo Bills-themed Valentine’s Day cards, many of which are made and/or sold by local small businesses here in Western New York.

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