The Basil 'Vehicles for Vets' has started! The final giveaway will be on August 14th at the Erie County Fair, also Veterans Day at the Fair - free admission to all those who are serving & have served! There will be 9 finalists total, and they can win a new car or $21,000 in Basil bucks towards the purchase of a vehicle.

Daniel Ryan week 9

Daniel Ryan  is our next finalist and he was nominated by his friend Lisa O’Brien! Here is what she wrote:

I would like to nominate a veteran who I think is AMAZING and more than deserving of an award. There are so many young men and woman that see, do, hurt, and have more heartache than anyone of us will ever! This special YOUNG man has risen through the ranks quickly. He has been deployed 4 times between Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan. When he is not deployed, he is always in a new school to learn and challenge himself. He has laughed, cried, sadly been by the side of brothers who have given the ultimate sacrifice, and he still continues to push on to honor them and his country. He has jumped out of planes, swam in swaps, climbed mountains, and lived in the desert, and gone without sleep and food for days. I could go on and on. He does not want recognition, a pat on the back or anything. He feels this is his duty. He is doing what he is supposed to be doing. I however feel different. I feel he deserves more than what we can give. I hold the military in such high respect more now than ever in my life because of this young man. I have been able, first hand, to meet and see how husbands, wives, and friends have to leave their families for deployment, schooling and risk their lives for the safety of our country. He needs a new vehicle because the one he bought when he got back from deployment is a lemon! I am proud and honored to nominate Staff Sergeant Daniel Ryan."

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