Here is a scary throwback video that serves as an important reminder.

How many times do you drive down the road and you can just tell, the person driving in front of you is not paying attention. They are probably looking at their phone. It's annoying, and you always think how one day it is not going to end well. This incident was caught on tape, and it was clearly his fault.

Unfortunately, for one person on the 90 this week they learned the hard way. I am not sure what kind of camera this one reddit user had, but it captured on accident that happened on the 90 and he saw it coming, (pun intended), a mile away. The reddit user saw a guy on the phone the whole time and it was only a matter of time before everyone was all pulled over because the tan-colored Dodge Neon (at least, that is what it looks like) rear-ends the car in front of them because they were on the phone.

Are the fines for getting a ticket for holding a phone while driving high enough? According to the New York State law, a conviction for a cell phone ticket in New York State costs $50 to $150 for a first offense. A second offense in 18 months costs between $50 and $200. A third offense in 18 months can cost between $50 and $400.

Now, of course, the person who caused the accident will get more than just a cell phone ticket, but does the fine need to be raised? Take a look at this video below, it is kind of crazy how good the video is!

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