Ya love to see it.

Once you watch this video, you're going to love the Buffalo Bills even more.

During last Sunday's Buffalo Bills win at home against the Los Angeles Chargers, Josh Allen ran the ball in for a touchdown for a 24 to 6 lead, and to celebrate, he spun the football. Now, that's not necessarily a penalty to spin the football, but the refs decided that he did it too close to the defender's feet and called an unsportsmanlike penalty for Josh Allen, which fans did not seem too upset about. The penalty is 15 yards after the kick.

When Josh Allen spun the ball at the feet of Chargers' cornerback, Michael Davis, hear coach Sean McDermott did not really know or see it clearly and thought maybe that he spiked the ball or something. He went over to go talk to the refs about the situation and the exchange between them is so normal and genuine, talking about the Buffalo Bills quarterback that it is totally worth the listen.

Make sure you listen until the end though. After McDermott talks to Allen about the penalty, he starts to walk away before he turns around and says “I like the swagger though, dammit”. Go Bills.

The Buffalo Bills take on the San Francisco 49'ers this Monday. The game will be played in Arizona because the county that the 49'ers home stadium is in, is not allowing contact sports for COVID-19 reasons. The NFL was not granted an exception.

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