The Village Co-Op Market of Williamsville is not your typical grocery store. The Co-Op is run by its members and the one in Williamsville is still looking for members to join.

According to National Cooperative Business Associate, a Co-Op is run by the individuals who own it.

a cooperative, or co-op, as “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise.” In other words, cooperatives are created by people who have a specific need and who are willing to work together to operate and organize a company that will meet that need.

The Village Co-Op Market of Williamsville currently has 450 members and will be a food co-op when it opens. Their website states there are four reasons to join the co-op.

1. Job Creation - The Co-Op would be one of the largest employers in the village.
2. Discounts - Members has access to special discounts
3. Support Local Farmers - The Co-op will try to soruce as many good from local farmers as possible
4. Be Heard - All members are part of the decision making prcoess.

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A lifetime membership cost $150 and is vaild for one household. Also you don't have to live in Williamsville to be part of the co-op. To join, you just have to live in New York State.

Currently the Co-Op is in the second stage of planning and has a goal of opening in 2023.


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