No question about it, there is a ton of excitement surrounding the upcoming Buffalo Bills season... see my post from last week about the Bills being on my brain. The latest move by the Bills however, does have alot people scratching their heads wondering what is with the signing of Vince Young.

Yes, the Bills signed what some consider to be quarterback whose career may be nearing an end only six seasons after being drafted into the NFL by the Tennessee Titans. Vince Young has had off the field issues, but a decent, winning career on the field. In his six year NFL career he has gone 31-19 when he has been a starter in games. He has played a total of 61 NFL games for both the Tenessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles where last season he was the backup quarterback to Michael Vick. Young was drafted in 2006 third overall by the Titans and was voted to be on the Madden 2008 video game cover. Vince Young was in Buffalo working out for the Bills about two weeks ago and the report surfaced just today that the Bills signed quarterback Vince Young also known as "VY" two a one year contract worth 2 million dollars, with an additional one million dollars in possible incentives.

Like I mentioned, this is a head scratcher for some. Not for me. The Bills gave quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick a nice extension in the middle of last season, the first few games of the season were great for the Bills and Fitz looked like one of the better QB's in the league. That changed real quick, consistency seems to be the problem  at quarterback and there also was word last season that Fitz was playing hurt mid to late last season. I am good with the Vince Young deal, we got him for a good price and it's not a long term deal. He's like an insurance policy, if the Bills are making a run for the playoffs this season and we have an injury at quarterback we now have a capable athlete that can step in. Plus if the season is not going as expected, you can be sure there will be a quarterback controversy and VY will have his opportunity to show what he has left in the tank. The Bills do have Tyler Thigpen as the backup quarterback on the depth chart and have him under contract for one more year however VY in my opinion is the better option, he's a more experienced quarterback and he's mobile. He's definitely capable of doing big things on the field, he's proven that (see the video below), can he do those things in Buffalo? It would be awesome if he could and I'd like to think so but we've been let down before. I am still a fan of the signing and with that I say... welcome to Buffalo Vince Young!

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