It's no secret that Von Miller likes to surround himself with more good players.  Is one of his latest workouts a recruitment session?

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When Von Miller was brought to Buffalo, the Bills hoped that he would be the final piece that would help them get over the hump and into the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, that never came to fruition after an injury sidelined him for the rest of the year in the Bills' week 12 win against the Lions.  He thought he would be able to make it back to play in week 14, but found out that the injury was more severe than he thought and was declared out for the year.

But he hasn't stopped trying to bring more players to Buffalo.  He was one of the main people that were instrumental in trying to bring Odell Beckham Jr. here.  There's no question that his being on the team with OBJ in LA was what opened the door to him coming here for a visit.

It was never meant to be.  OBJ continued his tour and still hasn't signed with another team.

But is Von barking up another tree now?  Of course, people are speculating after seeing this picture on Miller's Instagram story:

That is Von Miller working out with Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans.

Henry is currently signed through the end of the 2023 season in Tennessee.  He is not a free agent.  However, Tennessee has been making some pretty big cuts over the last couple days to make some room.  They've already cut receiver Robert Woods (who a lot of Buffalo fans would like to see back in a Bills uniform) and Tackle Taylor Lewan.

It seems incredibly unlikely that the Bills would try to work out a trade for Henry considering we are already above the cap and have to clear up some space as it is.

Here's what's interesting about the post.  It's not that he took a picture with a guy that he was working out with.  It's the emojis that he used in it.  If it was just two all-stars who were working out, that would be one thing.  But why put the "looking eyes" emoji with the Buffalo?  Is he trying to tell us something?

Or is he just trolling us...again?

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