It feels like an end of an era for the Bills.  But if you ask Von Miller, it's far from over.  He didn't come for just one year.

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Yesterday's loss to the Cincinnati Bengals was demoralizing.  As a Bills fan, to have this true feeling that "this was the year," makes it feel like, because it ended up not being the year, they won't have a shot at it again. How many Bills fans have you heard that from already?

I'll admit, at the end of the game, I was texting with friends and I said (I'll paraphrase to keep it clean) that I never want to hear, "there's always next year ever again."  We're all so tired of it.  We've waited so long for this to actually be our year.  And this year felt like it really was going to be it.

It wasn't meant to be.

Some of the biggest names on our team are in question.  Will they be back?  Jordan Poyer, Tremaine Edmunds, Devin Singletary.  Will we get to see them in a Bills uniform ever again?  Their contracts are up and it's up to our front offices if they decide they want to get a deal done.  All of them seem to want to be here.  The question is, can they make it work?

One person who is set to be in Buffalo again is Von Miller.  We lost him part of the way through the season to injury but he's still under contract.  We signed him long-term and he's already looking forward to next year.  When speaking with the press, he said that the reason he signed here was because he thought we had multiple shots at a Super Bowl.

We hope he's right.  However, it's a controversial outlook considering what the cap might look like for the next couple of years.  Josh Allen was awarded a huge contract that will go into effect this next season.  It's going to have a huge hit on the cap and will make it that much more difficult to sign big players.  Add that to the fact that so many big-name players will be unrestricted free agents and could be leaving this off-season, the future seems pretty bleak.

Many fans think that this might have been our best chance to make it to the Super Bowl and win.

When asked yesterday if our Super Bowl window felt like it was closed, Coach Sean McDermott responded, " This is a good football team.  You learn from things like this.  You keep knocking on the door.  You stay steadfast in your focus, your approach.  You work your tail off"

We will see what Brandon Beane is able to make happen this off-season.  Will there be some big trades to land huge talent to surround Allen?  We will see.  For now, we've got a lot of time to speculate.

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