What do you do when you are absolutely crushing a team in the home opener?

You may do exactly what Von Miller did on Monday night. 

The Buffalo Bills came out strong at Highmark Stadium on Monday against the Tennessee Titans, and they ended up with a pretty decent lead heading into the 4th quarter. 

With a few minutes to go and the score sitting at 41-7, Coach McDermott decided to sub out some of the starters, including Von Miller. 

Instead of resting on the sidelines, though, he chose to make his way to the fans in the stands. 

The Mafia immediately requested a selfie, and Von Miller was happy to do that. 

Since Miller joined the team in March, he has always made time for the Buffalo Bills fans.

During training camp, he was caught signing autographs and taking selfies with fans of all ages. 

This is kind of what Von Miller is known for: making time for the people who make time for him and his team. 

Back when he was still with the Broncos, Von Miller was spotted at a Denver Nuggets basketball game when a security guard asked him if Von wanted to leave the game early to beat the rush. Von turned down that offer, and he stayed for several minutes after the buzzer to take pictures with people before he left. 

He did the same thing at the Hall of Fame game in 2019. 

You may run into Von Miller at a Bills game or at the grocery store in the future. Just know that he loves taking selfies, and by all means he loves it when people ask for them. He’ll always make the time….even if it’s during a game!

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