Von Miller is wanted by the police.  He has been accused of a domestic violence situation in Dallas.

At the writing of the post, Von Miller has not been arrested yet but according to WFAA-TV in Dallas, the Buffalo Bills' star defensive player is being asked to turn himself in.

Why is Von Miller wanted?

According to the report, Miller is being accused of assaulting his long-time girlfriend in Dallas on Wednesday.  She is currently pregnant and assaulting a pregnant person is a third-degree felony.

The Buffalo Bills are currently on their bye week.

This isn't the first time that Miller has been under investigation

In 2021, Miller was under police investigation while he was still with the Denver Broncos.  There was no word as to what he was being investigated for and eventually, the case was dropped.  According to the District Attorney at the time, the case didn't meet the standards of probable cause "to support a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the decision to charge is in the interests of justice.''

Miller is currently with the Buffalo Bills

Von Miller is currently a linebacker with the Buffalo Bills and is struggling to return to the top of his game.  He sustained a nasty injury about a year ago while playing the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving last year.  What they thought could be just an ACL strain turned out to be a tear and required season-ending surgery.  While he's returned to the field and is getting some snaps, he isn't back to his peak yet.

They put out this statement this morning:

At this point, Miller's attorney has reportedly been contacted and there is a warrant out for his arrest.  This is a developing story.  We will have more information as it becomes available.

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