Don't judge me because I chose to post about the "Real Housewives" reality show.  I've been forced into liking it.  Half of it drives me insane and the other half is just watching pretty faces...(well at least the one's that aren't too plastic)

Anyways.....Here are the results of the Access Hollywood poll taken on :

"Which 'Real Housewife' do you love to hate the most?

#1 with 40 % was Camille Grammer of Beverly HillsI can totally see why...phony, phony, delusional, phony....but still kinda hot!

#2 with 19 % was Michaele Salahi of D.C.- I believe she was the White House party crasher....I didn't pay much attention to the D.C. show, but from what I did see, she seemed like the one to hate!

#3 with 18 % was Danielle Staub of New Jersey- Agreed!...A royal P.I.T.A....if you know what I mean...but still somewhat attractive.....see a trend ladies.!!

#4 with 9 % was Kim Zolciak of Atlanta- This talentless hump bothers me more than Salahi....She thinks she's a  ahahaha

#5 with 8 % was Kelly Bensimon of NYC- Again...Another fairly attractive woman, who other women probably don't like....She also walks around like her____ doesn't ____!  lol...Snooty face too!

#6 with 6 % was Vicki Gunvalson of Orange County-Who??...Exactly, she didn't make enough of an impact for me to dislike her, tho I do think she looks like a blond headed beaver!-

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