If you're a fan of the arts, chances are, it's been hard for you to take them in.  But the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra has found a way to bring them right into your home.

It's been months since any of us could go watch a concert of any kind.  There really just is something about being there.  When you walk into one of those venues and the acoustics are just right and the music surrounds you, it's a feeling unlike anything else.  We hope to get back to that feeling soon.

But the Buffalo Philharmonic is doing their best to bring you the closest option to that right into your home.  They are streaming concerts that you can watch on your living room couch.

According to WGRZ, the concerts happen on Tuesdays at 7pm.  They just cost $10.

They've also done all that they can to make it sound as much like a concert at Kleinhans as possible.  They're taking advantage of the best technology they can get their hands on to make it sound like the acoustics at Kleninhans.

"The video streamed series uses audio and video recording technology to bring you the acoustics of Kleinhans Music Hall right into your living room." - WGRZ

With numbers of positive COVID-19 cases going down, things are beginning to open up more.  Starting April 2, venues for arts and entertainment can reopen at 33 percent capacity.  Venues can have up to 100 people indoors.  So the hope is that soon, people will be able to get that live, in-person feel.  But for now, streaming will have to hold us over.

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