I have no idea where in Buffalo this thing is headed. While browsing for some website content, I stumbled on this magnificent chicken coop that, according to the information on the video, is headed for Buffalo!

This is a deluxe, luxury chicken coop! Complete with modern paint colors and a sleek, steel roof!

The company is Carolina Coop and they specialize in building coops just like this one.

In the City of Buffalo, a person can own up to 5 chickens (hens) per single or multiple family dwelling. According to the City of Buffalo:

Persons wishing to keep chicken hens within the City of Buffalo must obtain a license from the Office of the City Clerk after payment of an annual fee of $25, and after inspection and approval of the coop and cage that chicken hens are to be kept in by an Animal Control Officer, pursuant to § 341-11.4 hereof.


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