Lockport native Joshua Vacanti has had an impressive showing on NBC’s The Voice as he performed in the first live shows of season 21, but whether or not he continues his journey on The Voice is up to your votes.

Vacanti is currently in the top 20, but in order to transition into the next round of the show, he needs the votes to secure a top 13 spot on The Voice. 

Having been picked by John Legend at the beginning of the season to be a member of Team Legend, Vacanti made his debut live show performance with the song “You and I” by Lady Gaga.

It’s a difficult song to sing, but Lockport’s Joshua Vacanti nailed it. 

Watch his performance below.

Not only is he a remarkable singer, but he is able to captivate the audience and shine through on the stage.

And when you hear Joshua’s back story, it gives you a new perspective on his musical journey.

About Joshua Vacanti

He always loved singing growing up, but at around 8 years old, he developed a severe and chronic form of asthma. This medical condition often halted Joshua’s musical journey, causing obstacles and regular hospitalizations in his youth. 

Medical professionals prescribed Vacanti with steroids to help fight the asthma complications, which caused him to gain weight and as a result, some of his classmates teased him for this. Vacanti struggled to find his place during his time in school, but eventually he found that safe haven in the community choir. 

Vacanti continued his musical journey in his collegiate studies, and before he auditioned for The Voice this season, Vacanti would travel and perform with his wife on stage, as well as in their family worship band with Vacanti’s parents.

Outside Of Music

Vacanti works as a prevention educator where he tells kids about drug prevention and encourages them to set goals that they want to achieve. That’s one of the biggest drivers behind Joshua’s audition this season -- don’t forget to chase your own dreams.

How Can I Vote?

You can vote for Joshua Vacanti by using The Voice’s official app or on the official website. The top 13 will be announced on Nov. 9’s live show

The top artists will be announced on Tuesday's live show and will continue on to next week's shows.

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