As we push through the dog days of summer here in New York State, there is some big news from the Federal Government. President Joe Biden is making plans that would eliminate gas powered water heaters.

The summer of 2023 has been one of the hottest on record in many places across the globe. Here in New York State, we have been dealing with the smoke from wildfires in Canada and the humidity and our air conditioners have been working overtime. The electric grid is being challenged more than ever and some wonder what will happen in the years to come as New York goes all green.

President Biden's team is moving forward with a federal plan to do the same and the water heater in your home is next.

Newsmax is reporting that:

The U.S. Department of Energy on Friday proposed energy efficiency standards on water heaters for the first time since the middle of former President Barack Obama's administration 13 years ago.

Are ATV's going all electric? There is a very good chance that the next off road utility vehicle you buy is not powered by gas.

A new law will require ATVs and other off-road vehicles to be powered by electricity (batteries) not gas!

In a report from Spectrum News, the law states that...
The bill is sponsored by Sen. Pete Harckham (and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, A.4302). It also mandates that all off-road vehicles and equipment sold or leased in New York be zero-emission by 2035. Medium and heavy-duty vehicles have an extra 10 years to get into compliance – their deadline is 2045. And finally, the bill directs the state to develop a comprehensive plan to guide the transition to an all–electric transportation sector.

Many of the off-road or ATV manufacturers have also begun to produce and engineer electric powered machines. I have seen many outdoor and hunting shows that are using them. Not only are they better for scent control because no fumes are produced, but they are super quiet. The power is still there in many cases. But so is the price tag.

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