It seems that the price of everything is going up or has gone up over the last couple of months. Trying to stretch that dollar is even more difficult than ever and credit card interest rates are also nuts! What can we do? Being on a budget seems more necessary than ever as companies and municipalities are starting to clamp down.

While we are seeing minimum wage hikes and some places offering raises to employees, it never seems to be enough to offset the rising cost of things. Eggs, milk and other essentials like gas are more expensive lately. Now some are facing a new threat as they struggle to pay their bills.

NBC New York reports that:

Officials say that New Yorkers owe the city $800 million in unpaid water bills, and now the Eric Adams administration is going after the the worst deadbeats who have dodged their payments -- including one that owes nearly half a million dollars.

According to reports, New York City officials are threatening to shut the water off to certain buildings that owe a lot money on their water bills. There's a total of 800-million dollars in unpaid water bills, which officials say is due to people struggling during the pandemic but also because some are simply refusing to pay the bills.

But it's not just the water bills that are going unpaid. New York City seems to struggle with tracking down people and their payments for parking and speeding tickets!

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