You know the saying, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” This may be one of those times. 

Lake-effect snow consistently makes Buffalo one of the snowiest cities in America, and although the people who live in Western New York already know about the yearly snowfall accumulation, it doesn’t change the fact that we see a lot of snow.

On average, Buffalo, New York will see about 92 inches of snow per year, according to Hey Explorer. (By the way, that amounts to nearly 8 feet!)  

If you live in Buffalo, there’s a good chance you have 4WD, snow pants, a blanket tucked away in your car in case you get stuck somewhere, and you have probably helped push a neighbor out of the snow.

But over the years, our snow boots and/or work boots can become wore down, making our previously waterproof boots, well…ineffective. 

Or maybe you opted for fashion when you initially bought your winter boots before realizing that they don’t hold up too well. 

Never fear! Thankfully, Buffalonians have a life hack to make your shoes, whether they are boots or gym shoes, waterproof!

The secret weapon is…Ziploc bags. 

The image below was originally posted on the Buffalo subReddit, showing a perfect example of someone using Ziploc bags to protect their socks from getting soaked. 

byu/moelszy inBuffalo

Admittedly, I’ve had to do this before I was able to buy new winter boots, and I will say – it works! However, it works a little better if you secure the Ziploc bags around your angle with a hair tie or a headband. 

Stay safe if you are traveling this week. Buffalo is expecting 1-3 feet of snow in select areas over the next few days. 

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