These stories cracked me up. We talked about these last night, and you guys called in and told us your stories of what was so bad on YOUR wedding day and what you've seen that's even worse.

Worst thing I've ever seen is the bride takes a spill. Although, God forgive me, it's equally funny as it is embarrassing. Or, here's a video of one bride whose grandma threw a drink in her faceNow that's bad!

Here's some of the worst scenarios I heard and some of your stories:

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    Passing Out At The Alter

    I see it now -- TIMBBBBERRR!

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    Bride Trips Down The Aisle

    I mean, it's scary, embarrassing and funny all wrapped up in one.


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    Maid Of Honor Decides She Quits

    "My maid of honor cancelled at 11:30 the night before the wedding"! LOL

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    Wedding Brawl

    "My ed-husband was so drunk that when the DJ came up to me to tell me he didn't have a song I wanted and touched my arm (the music was too loud), he punched him in the face. My brother-in-law paid him well not to press charges. Four sheriffs, two ambulances and a helicopter -- true story. Yeah we got a divorce.

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    Cake Falls Over

    Imagine the $700 cake you bought just tumbling down as you sit there. If it wasn't yours, it may be funny.

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    At Least The Tooth Fairy Will Come?

    "My flower girl tripped over the rug and knocked out her two front teeth."

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    Photographer Forgets The Camera Battery

    "Paying a company to videotape the wedding and reception and finding out that he forgot to charge battery. And didn't realize it 'til the end."

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    Bride Drops Her Secret

    "Bride tells groom she is pregnant with best man's child."

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    Forgetting The Ring

    "I was 45 minutes late because my hair wasn't done, then we lost my son's shoe, finally left and got halfway there to find out that my maid of honor forgot the ring. Finally, after the wedding, we went to start our outdoor reception, and it started pouring down rain!! Not to mention, the rose garden where we went to have our pics taken, all the roses were gone."

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    I Got Married In The October Storm

    "I got married the weekend of the October Storm in Buffalo. Church had no power, reception hall had no power. Two hotels that my family was staying in 'cause I'm not from Buffalo had no power, and my house had no power.

    Prolly why I'm divorced already."