In an effort to protect cashiers and customers, both Tops and Wegmans will be installing plastic shields at their registers, due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to WIVB.

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Wegmans and Tops will be installing them in-between front registers, where the customer faces the cashier. They will also be used at their pharmacies.

In addition, Tops will be giving associates face masks, where shields cannot be installed.

Tops said the installations would happen over the next few weeks. Wegmans does not have a timeframe on exactly how long the installation process would take.

“We don’t have a timeframe, but considering we have 101 stores, this is a few thousand registers throughout our company,” Wegmans’ Buffalo Consumer Affairs Manager Michele Mehaffy says.

The people working through the COVID-19 pandemic at stores like Tops and Wegmans are definitely helping out the community in a huge way and it's a good measure to protect the employees.

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