It was Sunday afternoon and I stopped for lunch with a friend at a restaurant on Hertel Avenue in Kenmore.  We were sitting at the bar enjoying a cocktail martini when a group of younger folks walked in and were boasting about what they just saw.  They had just stumbled upon a 16th birthday party for a special dog.  Daisy's Doghouse on Hertel where you can get pet supplies, was hosting a 16th birthday party for one lucky pup.  Of course after hearing of this party, my friend Laura and I rushed right over to see what was up.

We walked in to the store and were greeted by multiple dogs were celebrating the day with the birthday girl who turned 16.  Some were dressed for the day and the party was littered with dog treats, cakes and fun things only dogs would love.  The birthday girl was wearing a pink tutu and a tiara, it was fabulous.  What a great idea.

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