I’ve been putting off buying my trick or treat Halloween candy because I always buy my favorites and I’ll eat some before the kids hit my door step.  Growing up in the country we didn’t have a multitude of houses to visit but the good thing was most of the houses were people we knew or relatives of ours and that meant we would collect some good loot.  Because most of the houses that were around us didn’t get many kids trick or treating it meant they would give those who did stop a ton of candy.  We had to drive from house to house because aside from family across the street or down the road, most every other house wasn’t within walking distance.  This would sometimes cause issues with our costumes; we would have to wear something that made it easy for us to get in and out of the car in.  I remember one year my sister Lisa helped make my brother Ronnie a Tin Man costume out of cardboard box.  It turned out awesome as she covered the box, an oil funnel and a man made ax in tin foil.  The problem?  Ronnie had to kneel in the backseat facing backwards in order to fit in the car.  That was easier than taking off the costume in between stops, trust me we tried that.  That Halloween night and many others will stick with me forever.