There are some things you just know when you are from Buffalo, New York, and if you are planning to make a trip to the area, you might want to take some notes. 

It wasn’t too long ago when Guy Fieri, known for his work with Food Network and his show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, accidentally referred to wings from Buffalo as “buffalo wings.” That’s a big no-no in Western New York. 

Is it the end of the world if you call it “buffalo wings?” No, it’s not – but some people in Western New York will tell you that it’s a sign you’re not from Buffalo. 

As Uncensored JB kindly pointed out on my public Facebook wall, I am not originally from Buffalo, but I have lived here for over two years now and thankfully, I have learned some Western New York do’s and don’ts.

Of course, there may be some things I don’t know since I didn’t get the privilege of living here my whole life, but as a Buffalonian-by-choice, I am always open to learn more! 

What is an unspoken rule in Western New York that only true Buffalonians would know? Let’s find out!

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Maybe that’s a lot to remember if you’re new here, but don’t worry: you’ll get the hang of it! Start with simple rules like adding “the” in front of the thruway and eating your wings with blue cheese, and soon you’ll be a natural! 

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