Easter is over and the baskets are full; at least for now. Kids all over are doing their best to control themselves and not eat all the candy and treats that the Easter Bunny left behind!

The traditions of Easter run deep in the Buffalo and Western New York area. It all starts with a visit on Easter week to the legendary, Broadway Market! No Easter in Buffalo is complete without getting your butter lamb, Polish sausage and perhaps, a flower or pussy willow. The smell and sounds of the Broadway Market take me back to my childhood when a trip from East Aurora to Buffalo was a standard for our spring break.

Fast forward to 2023 and, like most families with young kids, we are passing on the traditions to our three sons and, coming in just a few weeks, our baby girl. Yet there is one tradition that some are painting with a twist this year. The standard, go-to, is to color or paint hard boiled eggs. This year, whether for fun or to save money, some are choosing to paint....potatoes!


It is the real deal for many this Easter.

Coloring eggs (or potatoes) is much like carving pumpkins at our home. I really want to relive my childhood and get right in there with the kids! However, I help get them started and stand back and take in the scene. Early in my parenting "career" I would take dozens of pictures of the kids hard at work on their eggs. After 7 years of being a dad, I am trying extra hard to remain present and absorb these special moments.

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