Have you ever started to make a recipe only to find out it had onions in it and prepared yourself for tears?  Prepare for tears no longer...meet Sunions.

What the heck are Sunions?

Essentially, they are onions that have been engineered to not make you cry when you cut them.  Even better, according to a press release from Sunions, they're described as having a sweet flavor and a great crunch.  So everything you love about onions without having people think you're having an emotional breakdown when you cook with them.

Well, I'm not putting a genetically modified onion in my cooking...

Good, because they aren't genetically modified.  They're described as being "grown through an all-natural cross-breeding program over the course of three decades."

Yup...it took 30 years for them to develop this onion.  But they've done it.  And now it's available right here in Western New York.

Although they're only grown in Nevada and Washington, you will be able to purchase them in Tops Markets until March or April depending on supply.

Click here for more info on Sunions!

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