When you were a kid, was there a food that you absolutely hated, but now you actually crave?  Don't feel bad.  It happens to all of us.

In our house, when we were kids, we weren't allowed to leave the dinner table until we had finished the food that we put on our plates.  It didn't matter if we didn't like it.  It was good for us and we were going to eat it.  After all, there were kids in other countries that were starving and would love to have a plate of food like that in front of them...

It didn't make us want that food more, but we learned to eat all kinds of foods.  We tried just about everything.  But there were still some foods that we hated.

Now, as we've grown, some of those foods that we absolutely hated are foods that we sometimes crave.  Things like broccoli and asparagus were gross when we were little, but now, we expect our kids to eat it too.

They did a study of 2000 adults recently to find out what some of those foods were.  This was their list of the top ten.  One of them surprised me:

1.  Asparagus.  31% of people hated it as a kid, but like it now.

2.  Brussels sprouts, 30%.

3.  Broccoli, 27%.

4.  Spinach, 21%.

5.  Green beans, 19%.

6.  Fish, 19%.

7.  Avocados, 18%.

8.  Eggs, 15%.

9.  Greek yogurt, 14%.

10.  Bacon. Around 1 in 8 people said they hated it as kids, but not anymore.

Bacon?  Really?  I can't remember ever hating bacon.  My kids never hated bacon.  I wish they did!  I would've loved the opportunity to scoop up an extra piece or two when they were little.

Cottage cheese definitely makes my list.  I can eat an entire container of that now, but would gag on it when I was little.  What is on your list?  What food did you hate as a kid but you love now?


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