Imagine being able to travel at speeds up to 670 mph and not be in the sky.  They've developed the technology and it might be coming here soon.

Hyperloop is a way of traveling, kind of like by train, only in a pressurized tube with magnets.

Their goal is to have commercial tracks in place in multiple cities by 2021.  Yup, that's just 3 years away.

The idea is that we could travel from city to city in a huge hurry.

According to WKBW, one of the ten best locations in the world would be a trip from Toronto to Montreal...and if that track happens, they say the next potential connect would be from Toronto to Buffalo, a trip that would probably take around 12 minutes.

Would you be game to try it?

My concerns would include what would happen if it should lose pressure, if it should get stuck, or if two should collide.  I would totally be willing to try it.  I would just want to wait for awhile to let them iron out the kinks.

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