Some areas of Western New York had up to 20 inches of snow fall a week ago. With temperatures well above freezing since the weekend, all that snow is going to melt.

Basements are a big concern when it comes to flooding, and today we talked to Luke from Cellino Plumbing about what you can do to keep your basement dry.

He suggests to remain observant about water entering your basement, and exercising your sump pump. If you have an electric or battery back up pump, run it to make sure they're working properly.

If you feel prepared because you have a shop vac at the ready? It turns out a shop vac may not be enough to keep the water out, especially if you are having a sewer backup.

West Seneca and other western New York communities are providing sandbags for residents, according to the Buffalo News.

It's a good idea to clear out your gutters and check your drainage away from your home.

Angie's List recommends "Downspouts should direct water at least three feet away from your foundation; in most cases, using downspout extensions or troughs is necessary to achieve this distance."

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