Usually, there are no leftovers in my house, especially this close to Thanksgiving. But this year, with multiple school parties, indoor trick-or-treats, and the Big Day -- there's more than enough to get my two littles through from now until Easter.

My niece Hannah told me she was giving hers "to the troops," which I thought was a clever euphemism for "parents." Turns out, Hannah was right on, her dentist takes up a collection and sends it to troops overseas.

I posed the question on Facebook. Good ideas include: use it for baking Christmas cookies, eat it, donate it to Oishei Children's Hospital, or use it in gingerbread houses.

Click here for a full list of places to either donate, or "buy back" your candy.

Here's some good ideas for the leftovers for those of you who are crafty in the kitchen.

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