Last week we asked our Facebook fans what their first car was.  I knew when we posted this that we would get a huge response. We are all very attached to our first car whether it was a junker or a cherry ride.

here are some of the post you submitted.

Natalie H: Woody sided station wagon just like Clark Griswold had.

Jody P: Mine was a dirt brown Chevy omega 81'. My mom and dad bought it for me for a graduation gift from high school in 1986.

Jessica J: I had a 93' Chevy Beretta! My daddy bought her for me for a couple hundred bucks. We were tight on money like many others and instead of a limo for my prom, my dad and I sanded her down and paint green & white (our schools colors) flames down the side! It was great! I showed up to prom in her all decorated with ribbons and window paint, but best of all the flames my dad and I painted on the night before! :-) Afterwords everyone in the area knew when I was driving down the streets. I loved that car!

Jim S: ‎1968 Mustang. It was my first. Painted it white, put a spoiler on the back, and a Trans Am Firebird decal on the hood. It was memorable because it was my 1st., car.

Becky B: I had a 1985 Citation but most of the time I had to give that to my dad since my gas mileage beat his truck which was a 1983 Chevy p/u that was jacked up. I loved that truck, it was an attention getter, used to cruise Como Park with it lol

Vid B: ‎1967 Chevy Impala 4 door in grey...It was a land yacht that got 12 mpg..but gas was 45-50cents @ gal....My parents 69 Impala got 8 I was thinking ahead; Even then...

Kathy S: Mine was a 1966 Plymouth Valiant. I got it for $150 from a friend after I had borrowed it and a Niagara Mohawk truck smashed into the back of me in front of the School for the Blind in Batavia. It didn't have power steering or brakes, but I sure got some good arm muscles trying to steer that thing!

Jeff D: My dad's car the 1979 pontiac grand lemans wagon aka the war wagon it looked like it went through a war when we got rid of it in 91

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