Most people get one, but are you actually using your lunch break to eat lunch and take a break? While the average American gets a half hour to eat at work, few of them actually are!

In a recent study by Robert Half,  it was found that most people aren't using their time to eat but using it to catch up on other tasks or just breaking altogether. So if people aren't eating what exactly are they doing?

  • Surf the web or social media (52%),
  • Catching up with personal calls or emails (51%)
  • Socialize with co-workers (47%)
  • Run errands (32%)
  • Read (32%)
  • Exercise/take a walk (30%)
  • Work (29%)

So what should you do to maximize your time off for lunch? Here's what Robert Half's OfficeTeam suggests.

  1. Have a well-balanced meal. Don't skip what a midday break is intended for: eating. Choose nutritious foods that provide energy for the rest of the day.
  2. Get to know colleagues. Socializing with coworkers or your manager over lunch can strengthen connections. You could also network with contacts from other departments.
  3. Track professional goals. Use the time to meet with your mentor to discuss career progress.
  4. Step away from work. Getting out and taking a real break can help you return to the office more productive. Try exercising or walking to clear your mind.
  5. Take time for yourself. Running errands or taking care of personal tasks during lunch can result in a shorter to-do list later.

To read more about this study from Robert Half click HERE.


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