With the new year comes new trends. Here's my list of what's hot and what's not for 2014 in Buffalo.

OUT: Ron Rolston / IN: Ted Nolan

OUT: Falling Off The Ralph / IN: Doug Marrone

OUT: 6-10 Bills / IN: 6-10 Bills

OUT: Thomas Vanek / IN: Matt Moulson

OUT: KissCam / IN: SlamCam

OUT: @LindyRuffsTie / IN: @DougMarronesDog

OUT: Lancaster Redskins debate / IN: Williamsville cemetery debate

OUT: Mike Malinin / IN: RobbyTakac + Johnny Rzeznik

OUT: Dubstep / IN: Country music

OUT: Your iPod / IN: Your Phone

OUT: Love Canal / IN: Canalside

OUT: What The Fox Says / IN: Anything Carrie Underwood says

OUT: Drinking tickets at Darien Lake / IN: Taste Of Country tickets

OUT: 30-pack beer rebates / IN: Craft beer on tap at gas stations

OUT: Byron Brown / IN: Byron Brown

OUT: Elmwood Christmas lights / IN: Elmwood Bubble Guy

OUT: UB North Campus / IN: UB Medical Campus

OUT: CrossFit / IN: Silo City Rocks

OUT: Setting a dog on fire / IN: Buffalo Animal Shelter

OUT: #Buffasnow / IN: #Buffalove

OUT: Your bus driver / IN: Darnell Barton


OUT: Red Lobster / IN: Popeyes

OUT: Billamy’s BBQ / IN: Dinosaur BBQ

OUT: Cozumel Grill / IN: Tappo

What would you add to the list?