If you're thinking about opening up your own business you've got a lot going against you if you want to do it in New York State.  The personal finance website WalletHub has published the results of a study that shows New York State ranks as one of the worst states in the country to start a successful business.

The high costs of living in New York City probably skew the numbers a great deal but you can't argue with what they show.  New York State ranks 47th in a comparison of all states in the country in terms of the cost of doing business.  The cost of office space in New York is the 49th highest in the country.

New York's business environment ranks 23rd.  But the state's access to resources places it 6th.

When you crunch all those numbers together, New York state comes in at number 47 in a ranking of all of the states.  Here's the complete report:

Source: WalletHub

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