When I got married, like many other married people, I received a ring from my wife. Aside from a few times when I have been swimming in the ocean, I haven't taken my ring off. I sleep with it on, I shower with it on, I do everything with my ring on.

So I was surprised by a study that asked women when it was OK to take your wedding ring off.

The study comes from comparejewellery.com and says that one in three women claim to remove their wedding or engagement ring in certain situations, with removal due to ‘fear of damaging employment prospects’ being a top reason.

Really? Is that OK?

Some people just don't wear rings at all. They say that it could physically cause a problem where they work. I understand that. It makes sense that if you work with heavy machinery that could snag the ring and make you lose a finger, you wouldn't wear it. But if you're not wearing your ring because of how you might look to your boss, is that really the environment you want to work in anyway?? It sounds to me like some people are just honest about their cheating and others blame it on their job.

Here are more stats:

The top three reasons women took off their rings: 35 percent was for work reasons, 29 percent were for job interviews, and 22 percent were out socializing.

Of the 22 percent of women who admitted that they took off their ring when they were out there hanging out with their friends, 59 percent said they wanted to appear single, and 11 percent said it was because they wanted to cheat.

The symbol of the ring shows that love is unending. There is no beginning and no end. The bond of marriage is eternal. Rings are symbols. It makes sense to take the ring off when it has no meaning anymore. But aside from that, is there ever a time that it makes sense to take your wedding rings off?