Bills fans are already getting crazy this year.  They're packing practices and can't wait for games...but they have to stop doing this.

Bills fans have waited a long time for a team like this.  Where there used to be a small handful of star players, now, there are ton of big names on this team.  Obviously Josh Allen is known all over the country, but so is Stefon Diggs, Von Miller, Isaiah McKenzie, and more.  Even the ones who aren't huge stars in the league have attached themselves to the community and their fans.

People love this team for more than just what they're doing on the field.  Yes, they're incredibly talented, but they are also giving back and showing that they have heart. Have you ever seen so many Buffalo Bills holding babies (and signing them) as you have this year at training camp?  It's getting crazy!

The good thing is that everyone wants to have that connection with these players.  The bad thing is that not everyone can have the same amount of interaction.  Some fans have to sit a little further back and can't be right up front.  So what do they do to get that long-awaited and highly coveted item signed?

They're throwing things at the players.

In almost every case, they have the best of intentions.  They just want a signature from the players that they feel so close to.  But for a second, put yourself in their shoes.  Would you want someone throwing stuff at you?  In some cases, they aren't even waiting to see if they're ready.  They're just whipping stuff at them.  Josh Allen got hit by one of those things on the way out of the stadium on Friday and for the first time showed displeasure toward a fan.  And who could blame him?

It's one of the reasons why a lot of players DON'T do this stuff with their fans.  Time to take a step back before it all goes away.

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