Sending a wrong message to anyone is an experience I'm sure we're all familiar with. But the mortification factor goes up a thousand percent when it's a sext.

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(Pics have been appropriately censored, as well as the names of the innocent -- and not so innocent -- and the resulting swear words have been blocked as well)


My friend did this the other day -- instead of sending sexy pics to her husband, she sent them to our ongoing group text with two of our other friends.


While she was totally embarrassed, I have to say -- there's worse people to have mistakenly sent a naughty photo to. I thought we were incredibly supportive.


Everyone is glad they didn't have their phone open at a meeting.


Seriously, one of the best text exchanges in a long time.


I'm holding true to that promise.

So what do you do if you sent a racy text to the wrong person? Experts agree to acknowledge the mistake and apologize right away.

"Any elaborate – and it will have to be elaborate – scheme to evade the consequences will only compound them. Urging the recipient not to open the message will not work; neither will any attempts to intercept it."

Before sending any private message, take a count of three and double-check it's headed to the right person.

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