People have been doing it since the 1980s and the tradition still continues.  But why do schools do "Take Your Tractor To School Day?"

If you live in a small town in Western New York, there are days when you will drive past a school parking lot and see anywhere from a handful of tractors to an entire parking lot full.  It's a tradition that started with the National Future Farmers of America years ago and it still continues today.  It's called "Take Your Tractor To School Day" or simply "Tractor Day."


Some of these pieces of equipment are huge!  And many of the kids driving them aren't even close to driving age yet.  So why do schools do it?

There are a lot of reasons to encourage Tractor Day in schools.  First of all, the kids get the opportunity to get a little extra freedom on that day.  They get to drive themselves to school even if they don't have a license.  Sure, it might be way under the speed limit, but it's the chance to have a touch of independence that they love.

Secondly, it encourages kids to be proud of their life in agriculture. Many of these kids are driving tractors that their grandparents used to drive while working land years ago.  It's a family business that they should be proud of.  Tractor Day gives them a chance to do that.

You've heard the phrase "No farms, no food" and it's true.  Although many people didn't believe it was true, when the pandemic began and suddenly their grocery store had empty shelves, a lot of people realized how important it was to support their local farms.  We have to encourage our young adults to continue careers in agriculture because without them, who will we be dependent on to get our food?

So today or in the future, if you see a young person on a tractor heading home from school instead of honking at them, maybe think about thanking them.  They're the next generation that will be putting food on your plate.

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