As the new year begins and the school year rolls on through winter, there is a new concern that looms for educators and students. At least one report has brought up the question about Regents exams in New York this year.

I remember when I attended high school in East Aurora and having the option to take Regents courses. I remember the math books were a different color for each year of Regents that we took. I may not remember much about the actual match, but I sure remember the books for some reason.

We have a son in Pre-K and it has been a great experience watching him learn. He attends school in-person twice a week and is on a remote learning class a few other times a week. His normal learning routine includes computers and wearing a mask when at school. It is something that would have never seemed possible even a few years ago let alone when I was in school in the 1990s.

As we wait for the vaccine for COVID-19 to be administered to the public, remote learning will be around for at least the rest of this year in one way or another. While most of the schools in Western New York are back to classes in some fashion, Buffalo schools plan to go back to in-person around February 1.

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