Generations of Western New Yorkers share similar religious beliefs during certain times of the year; praying for a Superbowl, praying for a Cup, and praying for a snow day.

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But has the pandemic made snow days a thing of the past?

And not just because we're way over our limit of canceled days for a school year, but the rapid and widespread adoption of distance learning from kindergarten to high school might mean school won't have to be canceled for bad weather, ever.

It's already a thing in other parts of the country. One school district in South Carolina did away with snow days in favor of online learning in 2018.

As well, in Pennsylvania the governor passed the Flexible Instruction Law a year ago, allowing for at-home learning for days the buildings were closed due to inclement weather.

The pandemic has forced schoolchildren, and their parents, into remote learning. With hybrid schooling plans that include a fair amount of digital instruction, it seems as if the digital delivery method is becoming more mainstream.

And if students are already familiar with digital instruction methods, it seems that the inability to get to a building no longer needs to stand in the way of class being in session.

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