The news was not good for the superintendent of the Williamsville schools. As school begins this week and everyone is anxious about the next few months, there is a shakeup in Williamsville.

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In a meeting that lasted just a few minutes, the board voted to put their superintendent on administrative leave.

According to reports, Classes start today in the Williamsville Central School District, however Superintendent Scott Martzloff won't be around to greet students. That's because he's been placed on administrative leave due to concerns over how he's handled schools reopening.

This is a tense time for all of us. For those of us with kids who will be starting school for the first time ever, it is hard not to get even more emotional about it all. What used to be a big moment for both parents and kids, has become very difficult to understand and plan for. Our four-year-old is starting Pre-K this fall and although the Hamburg district has been very good about communicating it's plan, it still seems weird to think about kids wearing masks and learning from home on certain days and even those staying at home full time.

We have been trying hard to get our son to understand this new way of learning. It is easier for us because it is a fresh start for everything. For those who have older kids who knew the old way of doing things, this has to be very tough.

Best of luck to everyone going back this week. I think we are all getting a good lesson in patience this fall.

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