They're one of the most talked about new wing places in Buffalo. Now they're moving into a new location that is the current home of another popular pizza place.

For years now, the battle for the best wings in Buffalo has raged.  While there used to be two big places for years, now depending on who you talk to, some of the restaurants with the best wings are at Bar-Bill in East Aurora, Duffs, Anchor Bar, and Gabriel's Gate.

But now, there's another new place that is throwing their hat in the ring.

Wingnutz has entered the chat

People have been going crazy over Wingnutz.  They're all over social media.

They focus on three big things with their wings:  size, sauciness, and crunch.  It's three things that most Buffalonians would agree make for the best wings.

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Wingnutz currently has two locations

At this point, Wingnutz has a location in Buffalo at 700 Military Road and another in Amherst at 2675 Niagara Falls Blvd.  However, neither is a full-service sit-down location.  The one at 700 Military is a co-branded location with Froth Brewing.  The other location on Niagara Falls Blvd is only for take-out and delivery.

Wingnutz will be opening their first-ever full-service sit-down location

Today, the announcement was made that Wingnutz will be opening their first ever-full-service sit-down location in Amherst on Millersport Highway.  It's the current location of Santora's Pizza Pub & Grill at 1402 Millersport Highway.  They've been at that location since 1985 but the current owner Paul Santora says he's ready to let another young business get their start there.

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