It's a real thing!  This festival has been going on since 1972.  Ever heard of Hot Dog Day?  There is a bit of a drive involved but if you're looking for something to do this weekend, you might want to check it out.

Even if it's to say, "Hot Dog Day, oh yeah...I've done that before!"

Just about every town has an event that people remember them for.  In Springville we had the Dairy Fest.  In North Collins it was the Strawberry Fest.  In Alfred, it's hot dogs.  Yup.  They have Hot Dog Day.

It takes place every year in Alfred, NY and is comprised mostly of students from Alfred University and Alfred State College.  This year it takes place on Saturday April 30th 2016.

You'll see a parade, vendors, carnival games, bounce houses, lots of hot dog vendors and the main event:  The Mud Olympics that are held on Merril Field at Alfred University.

Each year, Hot Dog Day raises thousands of dollars for charities operated in or around Alfred.