It was a massive debate for the collegiate-level athletes and now, but the NCAA gave the green light for athletes to profit and monetize and profit off of their names. The motion was accepted back in July 2021 and it has paved the way for high school athletes to make some money as well.

The governing body of high school sports in New York, The New York State Public High School Athletic Association, made an announcement on Wednesday, October 21. Student-athletes can be in commercials and receive money or gifts, but they cannot include school jerseys, high school logos or have any affiliation with section 6 or the Association.

A tweet from Dr. Robert Zayas, Executive Director of NYSPHSAA, on Wednesday read any “participate in commercial endorsements provided there is no school team, school, section or NYSPHSAA affiliation.”

Maybe Salvatore's wanted to use a high school athlete in a commercial. Maybe one of the major car dealerships in the area wanted to use the star quarterback for an appearance. They are able to pay the athletes for their 'endorsement'.


The New York State Public High School Athletic Association acknowledged that they cannot stop kids from receiving endorsements, gifts, money, or financial backing, but if those kids do not follow the rules, they do not have to let them play.

All 32 sports that are recognized by The New York State Public High School Athletic Association are able to benefit.

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