It can be stressful when you visit the veterinary. It's obviously stressful for your pet, but also owners. The uncertainty of what's wrong with a dog, cat, or other pet and the cost and hardships that may follow can make anyone worry.

Veterinary staff have long and busy days. They usually deal with dozens of clients over the course of one shift and that's why stories like this are tough to hear.

One major Western New York veterinary center has been forced to put signs up, pleading with clients to be respectful to staff after abusive verbal behavior.

The Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center has been left with no choice but to take actions to stop abusive verbal behavior from clients towards the staff, according to WGRZ.

Some clients have even thrown things.

The Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center says it started last year, during the pandemic. That's when staff shortages happened and longer wait times took place with a lower number of surgeons on hand.

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Believe it or not, they've even had to hire an overnight security guard and the police have been called multiple times to the medical center.

The Orchard Park Veterinary Center posted that they appreciate their clients who have been courteous and appreciate them.

I'm a dog owner myself and even though I personally do not go to this veterinary, I see the staff working hard at mine and they're obviously short staffed like they are at the Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center.

They do the best they can and I can't even begin to fathom verbally abusing staff. There's no excuse for it and hopefully things greatly improve, soon.

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