Revenge is a dish best served SUPER HOT.  I'll never understand people who take other people's lunches at work.  But it happens all the time.  You bring your lunch, put it in the community refrigerator, then when you go to eat's gone.  If that happens to you, then you might want to try this trick:

Put some wings in the fridge with your name on them that are SUPER HOT.  Not only will it keep them from eating stuff with your name on it, they might stop pilfering through everyone else's lunch too!

That's what this guy on Reddit did.  He likes to experiment with cooking with very spicy dishes.  When he found out that someone had been stealing his wife's lunch at work, he whipped up some wings with ghost peppers and a sauce that is supposed to be diluted (he didn't dilute it...and he added a few EXTRA drops) to each wing.

It didn't take long before the culprit was heard screaming from the company kitchen and running to the bathroom to vomit the fire that he had just ingested.  Evidently, he hasn't touched her lunch since that day.

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