People are wayyyyyy too critical of other people's lives and decisions. Now, that is not to say that you are not allowed to have an opinion. But, there is a big difference between 'having an opinion' and being a jerk online.

During the Sunday night game last week, the Buffalo Bills took on the Kansas City Chiefs. Allen hurdled cornerback L’Jarius Sneed while he was rushing for a first down. Now, why is the hurdle such a significant thing? Back in 2018, Allen hurdled over a defender on the Vikings and the fans just loved it. So, when he did it again last week, people were excited all over again.

One Twitter user, who goes by @littlensnappy got a tattoo after the game on Sunday night. We loved the tattoo and dedication. After all, it is her tattoo, not ours. But, some people acted like the world was ending criticizing her decision to get the tattoo: 'was that drawn by a 6-year-old', 'that does not look like a towel around him LOL' and 'wow that artist made those feet and legs wrong.

Either way, we appreciate the commitment to the Bill Mafia.

Either way is it better than this tattoo one guy got last week? Now, as funny as we all thought this one was. Think about trying to explain this one in 50 years LOL. Of course, the Buffalo Bills Mafia is known for their table-breaking antics, so this guy decided to get it tattooed on his inner elbow, so that way when he bends it, the table appears to "break".

Buffalo Bills Mafia Invade Nashville

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